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" Santana is great with kids, my 2 year old twins have been attending this daycare for the past 3 months and   we've seen some great results, they  are very excited to go there every morning."


- Osman H. Romero, May 2016

"My son went to Santana's for after school program. He picked up quite well on reading and writing skills, and his handwriting got a lot better. Santana isn't pushy, she works with the kids patiently, motivates them and helps them accomplish their goals in their own way. Thanks, Santana!"


- Sangeetha Raghavan, June 2016

"My 2 kids attended this pre-school. Santana is an amazing and caring teacher and follows good curriculum. She is very patient and helped us immensely with our younger one's transition from home to daycare. The only reason she has available spots is becoz my kid and few others are going to Kindergarten."

- Chaitanya Boppana, May 2017

"Both of my kids attended Shining Star. Santana creates a loving, nurturing environment that is tailored to the social and emotional needs of each child. The school is small (6 kids) so the children are very close. My kids were very well prepared for the transition to kindergarten. Santana is a highly-trained Montessori teacher, and very creative about creating new practical life works as well as using the traditional Montessori materials. The kids love her, and she has always been very patient and accommodating."

-Kelly Radimer, 5/12/19 (5-star review on Yelp)

"Santana has lovingly cared for my children - boy/girl twins - for the past two years. She provides an enriching, structured curriculum with many opportunities for children of all ages to engage and learn. She details the curriculum to each child's learning style and interests and focuses on ensuring the children not only reach major milestones but also are advanced for their age. 

My children are always happy to go to Shining Star Preschool and enjoy all the activities in the daily class schedule including circle time, art, reading, science, and math. For each holiday, the children complete a special project and we enjoy receiving personalized artwork for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. 

Santana also provides a healthy breakfast, lunch, and snacks which my children appreciate. They usually eat better at school than they do at home, which is a testament to how well Santana takes care of the kids. Not only does she take care of the kids so well, she also maintains a spotless school room and home. This gives me peace of mind that I am providing my children with the best possible environment to feel secure, learn, and grow. My children have flourished at Shining Star Preschool and I recommend this preschool and Santana wholeheartedly to anyone looking for care and enrichment for their children."


-Santosh Prabakar, 7/31/19 (5 star review on Yelp)

" Thank you for creating a fun environment where learning was fun and easy. I really appreciate the services you have provided in last 3 years and I'll always be thankful for the peace of mind and comfort you gave us. You made things lot easier in her early education and learning abilities.

I wish you all the very best in the future and will strongly recommend my friends and colleagues to your school. I'm sure she will miss you and her friends, she will visit the school sometime next year."


- Archana Gali, 11/30/20

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